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Despite the name, “iprocrastinate”, this is one of the best tools for the ipod/iphone for organisation and productivity (until the next new one appears on the scene).

Iprocrastinate can be used several ways to suit your study programme/schedule. Here I have used mine as an example of what you can do.

1. First I created a folder for each class I take: Criminal Litigation, Skills, Property Law, Civil Litigation and Business Law. These are colourcoded and each say how many tasks I have to do, and how many are overdue. As can be seen in the photograph it tells you your active tasks, how many are actually due today and in red it also tells you how many of these tasks are overdue.


2. Within each subject I have a Main Task to represent each class, e.g. Property Workshop 6 and any Post-workshop Tasks. The numbers beside the task represent the subtasks, showing the total and how many are completed. For example for my Post-workshop 5 task I had 3 tasks to do and I have completed all three – therefore it is 3/3. Underneath the title of the task is the due date – this will be shown as a date or day and when you have passed the date it will say Past as it does in the photo below.


3. Each task can easily be broken down into sub-tasks, kind of like a check list / to do list to be ticked off. For me this mainly comprises of my pre-reading for class and things I have to look up etc. The photo below shows Property Workshop 6 – the 9 Steps represents the sub-tasks I have entered in, the 100% means I’ve completed it. You simply tick them off as you do them.


When all the things are ticked off, the task automatically becomes complete. Couldn’t be easier.  I will also note that these sub-tasks (steps) option can also be turned off so that the checklist will only be the main task if this suits your needs better.

Overall, this is a great app and I would highly recommend it. Particularly if you like having some many lists, most organising apps are a more simple to do list just containing a to-do list for each subject (I.e. the ability to have just 2 sets of lists rather than 3).

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