Link your Windows Live Email Accounts

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Our Provider’s email is powered by Windows Live, therefore I took the opportunity when I got the email address to link it with my regular hotmail account.

I became surprised to learn that few classmates knew how to do this – frequently missing important emails, due to lack of enthusiasm for checking university mail. This was also a great problem at undergrad as there usually becomes a point where the inbox is full and then you don’t receive any mail.

So for the benefit of those who do not know how to use this function, here are the details.

  1. Sign into the Hotmail account that you usually sign into (and wish to access both accounts from)
  2. Click on your name in the top right hand corner where the arrow is to reveal drop down list and click on link other accounts
  3. When next page loads, click link an existing Windows Live ID.
  4. You will then have to enter your current account details and the one you wish to link
  5. click link and volia. done.

You can now sign into both accounts using the one account, yet keep the 2 accounts separate without using mixing up the mail. To change between the accounts simply toggle by clicking name in right hand corner and selecting the relevant account from the drop down list. Easy.

On another note, University email is good to have separate, as it keeps all the junk mail out of your normal account. As an Alumni of my Undergrad University I do receive email from them to my regular account, which is of course optional. And it got me thinking would an opt-in option work with regular university emails – i.e. send uni emails to a specified personal address, particularly  if you were in the habit of  forgetting to check?


One thought on “Link your Windows Live Email Accounts

  1. Great post! Linking accounts or setting up forwarding is such a no-brainer… there’s no way I could cope with email without it.

    Personally, I prefer mail forwarding & just blast everything to my master gmail account and use filters & labels to tag anything from a separate ‘account’.

    Oh and hotmail-snotmail… it’s still a crock of the smelly stuff. Hate it!

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