PB Wiki

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We used to have a basic wiki at undergrad level, but it never worked as not enough people were open-minded enough to participate, which was a real shame. Nevertheless I’ve always loved the idea of a full wiki with links to everything when doing law, I feel sometimes that the internet lacks a full free database. I frequently have to check the meaning of words or phrases (simply for certainty) and think it is great to link words to definitions and interlink between different topics of law (as there are some good individual law topic sites out there).

This week I started to do my own wiki for my LPC studies, as a sort of revision tool (easy to search, link and include definitions and statutes). For this wiki, I’ve been using a hosted service (nice and simple) called Pbwiki.

Sign up is free and straightforward. Wiki can be public or private and you can make as many as you like once you have signed up (I have also made one for job application research).

As you can see my front page is simply a list of the courses I am taking this semester with links to them. Once I click on those links these open up into what I’ve made into a contents page and from there the possibilities are endless.

Each new page is a blank page (although you can choose to use a template) and you can type, link and format any way you want. I tend to create a range of pages from my central “contents page” and to that link my different lecture, workshop tasks, online tests, useful websites, dictionary definitions and statute/case references.

Still kind of new to the whole thing, so will post again later to see how this project is progressing.