Use Social Bookmarking for your To-dos

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Never been a fan of For me it was always one of those over hyped things; a waste of time. Social bookmarking for me was one of those things that never took off.

Maybe I prejudged on the basis of internet perceptions and in all honesty I’ve still not tried it, properly. Nevertheless I appreciate there are a lot of people out there who love it – and I thought that this post by Ken Clark was worth a mention and can be applied to other services; not just

In a nutshell the concept is bookmarking and tagging web content; same as say clipping content to an online notebook, wish-lists or using a service like later this. Certainly useful for compiling a blog; studying or simply just noting what you would like to read later. The suggested categories include: read/review, ideas, someday, to-dos etc.


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Another “school tool” for organising classes, taking notes etc can be found at Soshiku.

Having used a range of “back to school” notebooks/organisers and simply high school stuff, this was brought to my attention rather late. Nevertheless perfectly timed for me starting my Criminal Litigation module for which I shall use soshiku.

Sign up for it is simple and free, put in a few details and away you go. On first glance its kind of what I expected, although will need to see if I can do something about the colour-scheme.

The Basic Set-up

Appears to be no way to change the clashing colour scheme on the home page – maybe I’ll find it one day. But sore eyes aside the concept ain’t too bad – projects can be private or public and you can add people for collaboration purposes if you wish. I don’t need to do that here.

You can have all your courses and then within the courses you add assignments. Within assignments you can have task lists and attach any necessary files. (In addition if using the “partners” feature can have discussions, although I’m not using this). There is also space to fill in notes.

For me the most useful feature is the attachment of notes, as I can type up my notes and attach them to the assignment to help keep the organised. The notes feature I’ll just type in any old thing I need to remember. helpful. But there are other organisers which do this just as well, but I shall persevere.

The To-Do List

Simple to-do list, type in what you want in the “what to do?” box (if using “partners” can delegate to someone else) and then just click the add task button. No different from any other to do list really.
However, some minor problems:

  • it is quite sensitive and if i hit the enter key too hard or twice in my impatience with the internet the task will come up twice (as above).
  • there doesn’t appear to be a way of the deleting or editing the task if you, for example, make a typo.
  • The only way I can see of deleting the task is to “tick” it and then click the little red symbol to delete it – which is a bit of a pain.
  • Can’t do separate due dates for tasks within the assignment
  • when you hit complete on the assignment, it doesn’t automatically complete all the tasks, and they will still appear on the main task list on the home page.

Some of these are minor annoyances, and I appreciate that I’m never going to find the perfect online organiser, but will continue to look for ways round this.

[Moleskine] New Diary

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So my bf bought me a new diary as part of my Christmas present – finally get to use it now that the new year is here. He let me choose it, due to the sheer variety of moleskine diaries available. I decided the one pictured below:

The left hand side, has the dates, and I use this to record my classes – this seemed the simplest type to get as one this course I’d only have a max. of 2 separate classes a day (no need for a full day view).

The right hand side contains the to-do list for each subject and my printing list etc. This page is simply a lined page which is perfect for this. Different types of the diary have different page set ups.

In addition I went for the red diary rather than the black one – just for a nice change.

Pdf tools

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One thing about organising is that I like everything to be: uniform, compatible and easy to use. One way I’ve been doing this is obviously using pdfs for my scanned documents. As I’ve probably mentioned before I love using Pdfs, at work we used to do all kinds of magic with them, it was thrilling (I’m easily excitable). THEN I went back to being a student and found I didn’t have a lot of the software and that you have to pay for most things. So here are a few little pdf tools I’ve found to make messing around with PDFs simple again.

  • Loop Pdf. It merges and converts most types of files into a pdf. As an added bonus it works on the web – so you don’t even have the hassle of downloading software to your desktop. A very useful little tool.
  • For converting other documents to PDFs there is also doPDF which is free to download to your computer and use.
  • PDFSam PDF split and merge.
  • Combine PDFs (Mac only)
  • MergePDF