Revision Rundown: Review of Semester One

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In my scramble to piece together my revision I came to realise just how many organising tools I’ve sampled since the beginning of my LPC and decided to give a quick post and a bit of a rundown of such organisation tools, both on the laptop and on the go.

One of my main problems was always moving around changing computers between home, on the train, in the base room, library and what have you. One of the reasons finding the perfect to do list on the Ipodtouch/Iphone was such a task in itself.

  • Iprocrastinate mobile (Sept – Dec08) This one really came out on top for me. Can categorise all my subjects and workshops and have individual to do lists, works perfectly for what I need.
  • To Do’s again, a more simple interface, but it works well. I use this for my print list, simple column list that doesn’t really need categorising beyond importance, this works well.
  • Zenbe Lists – used for a couple of months, before I got bored and replaced it with To Do’s.
  • And the ones that didn’t make it: Dobot ToDos; Easytask manager; To Do; What Tasks lite.

Given my moving around all the time, I am a fan of storage on the internet for various projects. This past semester I used a variety of sources for different subjects to see which came out top.

Business Law and Practice
This was me going back to basics, with a notebook and pen (or rather it ended up being 8 notebooks and about 10 boxes of pens but that’s another story). Basics never fail to let me down… however, did end up with a cramped hand, and not the best method for working as a team and pooling information… can’t just say I’ll email you my thoughts.

Property Law and Practice:
For this subject I did the blogging method (nice simple private blog on blogger) although in the end only lasted a couple of weeks in terms of compiling notes. The general notes were sufficient, and the blog is a good method, however, the nature of the course meant that it was impractical. The sheer amount of letter writing, contracts and forms to fill in. Nevertheless what I did find useful was making a list of online resources that were useful and generally the easy to read format.

Civil Litigation
For this I used a wiki (Pbwiki). all ready to use, no computer knowledge required, just type link and go. The great thing is that how you do it (layout linking etc) is entirely up to you. Bad thing – lack of spell checker. But overall great way to organise your own information freely.

Criminal litigation
A relatively newer addition to my notetaking (last 2 months). Given that I had gone back to basics and was doing word documents for Criminal, when I saw Soshiku it was another think to try out, again, its like a to-do list, but given that I had been working in word docs it was handy because you can attach word documents to the todo listings and separate them by subject. However, I do dislike the rather rigid interface, and feel like once these exams are over and I start new subjects, the hunt will be on for something new.

In a couple of weeks, I’m starting new subjects again… so a new opportunity to try new things and learn from this semesters mistakes. can’t wait.

Sticky Tabs

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Okay, so I use the somewhat old-school method of post its everywhere – on my desk, my books, my laptop etc and I’ll admit it gets a bit messy and out of control at times, which is why the hunt for a digital alternative is on going.

The Mac has got great desktop sticky note capabilities, very neat and tidy. And my favourite notebook software Circus ponies (also for the mac) has great post-it notes (although they only work in notebook itself and not when you export).

Unfortunately I don’t have a mac, and windows options have left me disappointed. Next stop: the online world?

Postica: Obviously the downside of any webapp is the requirement to be signed in.You are required to sign into their site to use. But Postica works nicely – cute little post-it notes, with the ability to attach things, and arrange whatever way you like. Straight-forward and simple – no fuss.

My Stickies: appears to be an alternative, allowing you to place stickies on the web. Sounds great – haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet as it is not compatible with the latest version of firefox.

Other sticky notes for the desktop appear to be available from: free sticky notes which appear in a similar format to that of the mac. and of course the official post it notes version.