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Okay, so I use the somewhat old-school method of post its everywhere – on my desk, my books, my laptop etc and I’ll admit it gets a bit messy and out of control at times, which is why the hunt for a digital alternative is on going.

The Mac has got great desktop sticky note capabilities, very neat and tidy. And my favourite notebook software Circus ponies (also for the mac) has great post-it notes (although they only work in notebook itself and not when you export).

Unfortunately I don’t have a mac, and windows options have left me disappointed. Next stop: the online world?

Postica: Obviously the downside of any webapp is the requirement to be signed in.You are required to sign into their site to use. But Postica works nicely – cute little post-it notes, with the ability to attach things, and arrange whatever way you like. Straight-forward and simple – no fuss.

My Stickies: appears to be an alternative, allowing you to place stickies on the web. Sounds great – haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet as it is not compatible with the latest version of firefox.

Other sticky notes for the desktop appear to be available from: free sticky notes which appear in a similar format to that of the mac. and of course the official post it notes version.

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