[Note-taking] Circus Ponies

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Okay, anyone who follows me on twitter will know how ADDICTED I am to Circus ponies. Unfortunately, I lack a Mac – so I steal  my bf’s when I get a chance, unfortunately this is not often given that he’s a bit of a geek.

Another unfortunate thing is that the free trial, like most free trials, only lasts for 30 days. And as I don’t own a Mac (and as a lowly unemployed student) I don’t want to splash out on buying the software. If I did own a Mac and it was mine to use however, I wouldn’t hesitate: there is nothing better.

Circus ponies allows you to create multiple notebooks – they actually look like notebooks. Which is great. The closest I’ve found for windows is OneNote.

I’ve had limited time with this piece of software, and I’ve still a lot to learn (only 5 days left) so I can’t teach you much.

What I can say is functionality wise, it is easy and straight-forward to use. This sticky tabs / notes are the best invention ever, it is a shame they don’t export. And the clipping and link things work a dream. The Multidex, an an excellent add on for those who like to be organised, essentially creating an index in more ways than one. Beautiful.

I could rave till the cows come home, but what I will say is that Windows has a long way to go… they have nothing that comes even close.


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