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Life has gotten busier since leaving university and more complicated – simply because I don’t have the same rigid timetable. Unfortunately my page-a-week moleskine diary which was perfect for my studies is feeling the strain.

The solution: Purchasing a page a day desk diary (2009 ones are going cheap at the moment). I have chosen one that just says the date at the top, no times/schedule along the side – just a page for you to get creative.


Here is an example of a page:

I’ve split it into categories:

Jobs, to do list, plans for dinner, and blog.

(yes, little time & sunshine = pigging out)

Following a simple but rigid pattern to keep track of my to-dos and my job applications (will also note deadlines, when I should get a response by, and brief details of the job – there is a point where there are so many on the go it is just confusing).

In addition I’ve been noting my expenses, and notes on things I want to blog about etc (although I do a fair bit of the blog notes online).

My second example is slightly different – has the same overall structure, but I’ve allowed more free flowing thoughts:


Here I’ve had a lot more to-dos and of course packing to go on holiday – so the orange writing is my packing list.

I’ve found this idea really helps because recently I’ve been writing everything down on scraps of paper such as job application info and flat hunting info – I have so many pieces of paper with a phone number on it and no name – it was just getting ridiculous – this method allows me to pull everything together in one place with plenty of space.

I’m sure everyone has a diary method that works for them, so this is just a snap shot of my current method to share some ideas.

p.s. the interview went okay today, I hope I impressed. Should hear soon as the start date is pretty close.

11 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. Nice diary ideas there, Travis and I'm glad to hear that the interview went well. For what it's worth, I haven't used a paper-based diary for several years now :-/Not sure if that's good or bad.

  2. You can't beat the satisfaction of making really ticks and physically crossing things out.I use a good mixture of both – small moleskine diary for carrying around, and now the desktop diary. And then online I swap and change trying out loads of things. But for this purpose the desk diary really suits my needs for 2 main reasons:1. I can be on the computer typing away the book can be beside me for easy reference without the need to look elsewhere/wait for a page to load etc. 2. For job stuff, it is very handy as I am constantly doing emails phoning people, getting phone calls, an awful lot of notes end up being taken – and then combats my paper clutter. (in addition also a none practical reason I like the way it looks and the freedom it gives you).

  3. Hey, i am very impressed with your diary!! I too have so many notes on paper and it's getting silly now!! I should really organise it but I don't have the energy lol. Good luck with the job, hopefully you get it 🙂

  4. Trouty,I'm so impressed with your organisational skills.I wish I could get back to being my usual organised self. Last year… I always used my diary everyday and had to consult it before agreeing to going out with friends and even family at one point (to be fair it was my final year and I had a lot to do)! I've had two diaries this year. One from January 09 till Feb 09… after this time it lay unused since nothing apart from Dad and all things Dad-related mattered. I then got a NEW diary which I started in April 09 and which I used until May 09. It has now been unused for a whole month…Wish I could just get organised already…AW

  5. Poonam,thanks for the comment. If your finding that you have paper just floating just get a notebook and use it as a paper that keeps everything under control if just write it in same place and date it. Alternatively, pick up all your pieces of paper that you are using – staple them together and you have a make shift notebook all in one place. oh and I just heard – I got the job :)AW, It is hard to feel motivated again when something like that happens. Although nowhere near as awful as you've experienced, when I ran into problems that turned my life upside down – I could barely find the motivation to get into uni, let alone organise. The reason I stopped my old blog, stopped keep a diary and simply didn't want to do anything. Overtime I started again. and you will too. The best way to do it is persevere. Even if you only put something in it once a month, once a week – it will eventually become more frequent – given that you used to do it, you will develop the habit again. Alternatively pick one thing that you always make a note about – pick something fun like noting down going for coffee / cinema or something with friends everytime. Then it will become a good thing.

  6. Trouty,I found my diary (the second one I bought this year)! I have a timetable of sorts with respect to my complusories exams. Property for next 10 days, then Litigation =(, then tax =) and insolvency… fun, fun fun! I need to add more fun stuff which means I might have to start talking to friends again at some point.

  7. AW, That's good. I'm glad you are putting together a more structured framework, even if you don't stick to it completely it will definitely give you more focus. You should def try and see friends again, I know it must be difficult particularly if people don't know what to say. But it's important that you connect with people again, it's a further step to feeling back to your normal self. x

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