Sorting out my Study [Notebooks]

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Being at home at my parents means that I am organising my parent’s stuff – however, it has also given me the opportunity to dig around my own room for some notebooks, diaries and albums from my childhood. Did the study today, here are some of my finds:

Wooden Cat Notebook bought in France in 1998. With a cat design on the front. Inside are sheets of squared paper and a pencil. I loved the style of this notebook but never found a true purpose for it – probably why the majority of pages remain unused today.

I made the cover of this one for my AS Level Art project. It was a Paul Gauguin themed book (inside I did various copies of his paintings). The cover itself is done using batik, using stock scenic imagery from his paintings. It is also very textured with different stitches, sequins, and beads, as well as being cushioned.

This is one of my favourite notebooks of all time – purely because Little Women is my favourite easy reading /feel good novel. The note book is full of little quotations, which make it an enjoyable read in its own right.

Of course anyone who reads regularly will know I’m a big fan of paper journals/diaries. Here is what has been found so far…

Now I got to decide what to do with these finds given that they are just stashed on shelves.
For the full collection check out my Flickr Set.


10 thoughts on “Sorting out my Study [Notebooks]

  1. Hiya TT,What an absolutely FABULOUS collection of hidden treasures! I am sure you will have wonderful uses for all of them – but even if you dont, they must carry some lovely memories!I think I share your prediliction for the collection of nice notebooks; I have a particular LOVE of Moleskine but hell, I can NEVEr say no to ANYTHING in PaperChase. Ever.!!

  2. Hey minxy, Oh I love moleskines but that is a more recent obsession. I just HAVE to go into paperchase every time I'm in town – one reason why I miss Manchester as they have a HUGE one in comparison to where I live now. Will be digging around over the next few days so I'm sure I'll find more 🙂

  3. That's quite a nail you've got there, too, Travis. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that in an argument! :p

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  7. Apologies for the spam, but I think I posted a similar response to this article somewhere else. In any case, …

    I wanted to let you know how inspiring this article has been for me. I came across it some months ago, and knew even then it was one I’d return to again and again.

    I admire your discipline (and artistry) in keeping these notebooks.

    I was wondering if you have followed a similar process with your professional life. If I am not mistaken, I think the notes described in your original post related to information your were compiling for preparation for tests and examinations? I’d be interested how you cope similarly with the flood of (less well-structured) information from day-to-day working life. This topic is a persistent concern of mine that I deal with – and I am always interested in how others have coped as well.

    Best regards,


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