Everlasting Address Books

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guest post by illegible handwriting:

While browsing in town today I came across an address book brought to us by Padblocks (you know the company the produces the cubed notepaper with animal designs down the sides).

(Photo from PadBlock’s Website)

The address book claims to be different because it is an everlasting address book (you have stickers to replace old addresses without messing up the book and can add in more pages) although if you ask me that takes all the fun out of shopping for a new address book.

That said it is still a neat idea because I’m always crossing things out – as students, my friends and I often relocate every year and I’m constantly having to re-assess where to send the next birthday card too. That said, these problems that the everlasting book solves can be solved by other means – a) electronic means and b) buying blank stickers of your own to use in an existing address book and c) asking friends and family. My current address book is terribly out of date.

Definitely a contender in my hunt for a new address book. Loving the look of the lavender one (£8.49 Online).

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