Signature Collection

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I had great visions of doing a proper notebook shopping trip when I discovered I needed a notebook to use as a log book for my sign language classes. Unfortunately rainy weather put my plans on hold and today I found myself picking up a notebook in the train station.


Signature, in case you’ve not come across it before is WH Smith’s own brand moleskine-alike notebook  available in a range of sizes and colours. The one I bought is the A5 (known as large) brown notebook, priced at £9.99. My favoured colour however is that of mulberry –  beautiful notebook, but unfortunately they were sold out.

It is a soft covered, very flexible, giving it a nice worn feel even though you still have that pristine paper feel, best of both worlds. It is narrow ruled which may put some people off, but I think it works beautifully, the paper is 80gsm quality paper, has a nice smooth feel, for those of you who need to like the touch sensation like me. I have not tried out a fountain pen on the paper being more of a bic pen user of late but I believe most pens are fine, although some fountain pens go through. But as I’ve only begun to use this notebook today, I’ll let you know how it develops.


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