The Wanderlust Travel Journal

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One of my colleagues is going to Australia travelling for 9 weeks. I got her a Wanderlust Travel Journal as a going away gift. In part I thought that this beautifully designed notebook would get her inspired to write something, or at least treasure her memories.

IMGP3387 IMGP3396

IMGP3397 IMGP3389

This A5 notebook is vibrant, and colourful with the travel theme playing throughout the whole book rather than simply being an image on the cover, making it a notebook with a difference. See more photos here. There is a mixture of blank and squared pages as well as space for addresses in the back. Great for getting someone who has turned their back on the written word into notebooks.

I bought my notebook at Waterstones for £10, but the notebook can also be purchased online at Amazon.

4 thoughts on “The Wanderlust Travel Journal

  1. I’ve searched every high and low, each nook and cranny of the UK for over 4 years to find a supply of US style ‘Marble Composition Books’ – so called because of the marbled hard cardboard cover.

    Googling or Wikipedia-ing ” Black Marble Composition Books” brings up hundreds and hundreds of US suppliers and even some who say they supply UK buyers – but they don’t!

    I’ve used these books for years and years, they last for millenia ( well maybe just 50 years) and cost from .99cents in the US. – In desperation I’ve been buying them in lots of 50 from New York – these are iconic books, ubiquitous, beloved of US writers and academics and used in USA since the 1920’s – Does anyone know where these can be sourced in UK?

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