Gift guide #3: For the notebook lover

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The final posting in my  little series of gift ideas. See previous postings on Stocking Fillers and Caffeine boosting presents.


1) Memoriae Gift Set

The Complete Memoriae Gift Set box is available for £159 available from the Quo Vadis website. If you can’t splash out for the full set mini gift sets are also available for £29.95 for 2 books. See Website.

2) Recycled Leather Journal / Notebook

£ 15.00 from Boutiko

Leather notebooks filled with lined recycled paper.
Measures approx. 13 x 10cm.

3) Black Toast Set of 3 A6 Notebooks

Part of Emma Bridgewater’s Black Toast Stationery Collection, these notebooks are cute and a must have. The set of three are available from John Lewis’ (£14.50). Unable to make it to John Lewis’ I have also seen these in the larger Boots, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be included in the 3 for 2 mix and match.

Countdown to 2010 #8: New Internationalist Planner

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Looking back at my previous entries you will know I am a big fan of BOLD, VIBRANT and COLOURFUL. Enter: the New Internationalist Planner. The planner is brilliantly designed (done by many different young artists), and not like anything I’ve seen this year so far. The planner style is weekly view and is available from their website.

For more photos (internal) see here and here.

Gift Guide #2: Stocking Fillers


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The second in a  little series of gift ideas that I’ve found while doing my online shopping – thought I’d share as the deadline for buying gifts is approaching and everyone appears to be getting increasingly stressed.

This time round I’ve decided to look at a few gifts suitable as stocking fillers.

1) IMGP3345The Rosehip Notebook

Priced at £1.50 and available in a wide range of these designs, these flexible soft bound notebooks are perfect for stuffing into a stocking.

2) Cath Kidston – Business Card Holder

A cute business card holder from Cath Kidston (£5). Not your style, Cath Kidston also has a great range of stocking fillers, such as cute little purses, notebooks and mini pencils.

Also from Cath Kidston, is some great mix and match stationery (£6).

3) Lollipop Paperweight

Available from John Lewis – Lollipop paperweights are available in a choice of 2 cute designs –Stag or bird. Available for £10.

4) Origami Post-it Notes

Origami Post it notes – no explanation needed.

5) Sticky Notes Organiser

Cute box for keeping all your sticky notes in. Very organised. Available from Presents for Men for £6.99.

6) File Art

Brighten- up your lever arch (or box) files with these stickers –three designs available from presents for men which are priced at £3.99.

Gift guide #1: Providing your Caffeine Boost

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First of a little series of gift ideas that I’ve found while doing my online shopping – thought I’d share as the deadline for buying gifts is approaching and everyone appears to be getting increasingly stressed.

I’ve put together some of the gift ideas suitable for tea / coffee lovers and those who need a caffeine boost while burning the midnight oil.

1) The Blackboard Message Mug

The Blackboard message mug is a simple idea. But a novel one at that. As I get up for work a good 5 hours earlier than my partner gets up for work I always leave post-its with various messages in the hope that he will see them (usually on the kettle because I know that he always makes tea without fail). To me this is the perfect solution. Only worry is the messiness of chalk.

Available from: Menkind, WH Smiths and Amazon.

2) The Self Stirring Mug


Another novelty mug for your collection, or for the geek in your life courtesy of the gadget shop.

I’m not normally lazy when it comes to stirring my tea, but this sounds fun.

3. Suki Teapot


More traditional gift is this beautiful teapot (with inbuilt infuser) from Suki Tea – there are a range of colours and the teapot can also be bought as part of a gift set (£32.95) or as part of a special Christmas gift set (£35.95) which I have asked Santa for.

They also have a fabulous selection of teas to choose from.

4. Cornishware

Other great teapots and mugs that I love come from  TG Green’s Cornishware Range. Beautiful range and the excellent news is that they have just opened their online gift shop. Pure Classic Kitchenware.

In Use: My November Rosehip

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As I previously mentioned I bought a couple of Rosehip notebooks last month.  Here is the one I used for the month of November.

IMGP3408To recap the rosehip notebook is A6 in size and has approx 56 plain pages of recycled paper.

It is small, thin and soft covered, perfect for living in my bag (along with my pocket diary) for those moments when I am bored sitting around waiting for something, anything to happen.

The notebook held together pretty well for being banged around in my bag for  month, the spine got well and truly broken in but it held together, didn’t rip or tear and the cream colouring of the cover was only a little scuff. (how well it would do if actually exposed to water I don’t know but it definitely would have gotten a few splashes and lived to tell the tale with the weather we’ve been having.


Since childhood I have never been one for pretty pens, just adorable notebooks. So I always just have a regular bic / biro  pen (so you’ll never see any of those fancy pen on paper reviews here in case you were wondering).

The book folds out quite nicely and lies flat for writing – how you fill it is up to you of course, I use it on the train for jotting down ideas. It is excellent for writing in cramped conditions, more so than say a reporters notebook which is what I used previously – besides you can see the notebook envy of the other passengers.  The way in which I use this notebook is free flowing to match my thoughts.


I have found most of my thoughts to fall into three categories: blogging, things to do and shopping list / budgeting.

So to aid me in my blogging I added in one of the blogging planners from productive flourishing.  In which it lists the dates and allows me to plan what I want to write about and when across my different blogs. The more detailed notes for which I will have written about in the notebook itself. Very handy to have slipped in the back.

Now I get to start my next rosehip (blue feather design) for the month of December. I’m doing it the same way again because I found that it worked for me. But if there are any changes I’ll report back.

Countdown to 2010 #7: National Trust Diary Collection

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National Trust Desk Diary 2010: £13.

I originally spotted this National Trust Desk Diary in John Lewis. The beautiful cover photo caught my eye immediately and it became a contender for one of my 2010 diaries. Each month there is a different stunning photograph of a National trust property – very similar in style to the amnesty international diary.

However, when I went to check out the website I was amazed by the selection of diaries (and calendars) available. The most notable being the similar pocket diary (£7). The site also features the previously mentioned Sarah Raven Diary (£13).

(Photo Credit: National Trust Website)