In Use: My November Rosehip

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As I previously mentioned I bought a couple of Rosehip notebooks last month.  Here is the one I used for the month of November.

IMGP3408To recap the rosehip notebook is A6 in size and has approx 56 plain pages of recycled paper.

It is small, thin and soft covered, perfect for living in my bag (along with my pocket diary) for those moments when I am bored sitting around waiting for something, anything to happen.

The notebook held together pretty well for being banged around in my bag for  month, the spine got well and truly broken in but it held together, didn’t rip or tear and the cream colouring of the cover was only a little scuff. (how well it would do if actually exposed to water I don’t know but it definitely would have gotten a few splashes and lived to tell the tale with the weather we’ve been having.


Since childhood I have never been one for pretty pens, just adorable notebooks. So I always just have a regular bic / biro  pen (so you’ll never see any of those fancy pen on paper reviews here in case you were wondering).

The book folds out quite nicely and lies flat for writing – how you fill it is up to you of course, I use it on the train for jotting down ideas. It is excellent for writing in cramped conditions, more so than say a reporters notebook which is what I used previously – besides you can see the notebook envy of the other passengers.  The way in which I use this notebook is free flowing to match my thoughts.


I have found most of my thoughts to fall into three categories: blogging, things to do and shopping list / budgeting.

So to aid me in my blogging I added in one of the blogging planners from productive flourishing.  In which it lists the dates and allows me to plan what I want to write about and when across my different blogs. The more detailed notes for which I will have written about in the notebook itself. Very handy to have slipped in the back.

Now I get to start my next rosehip (blue feather design) for the month of December. I’m doing it the same way again because I found that it worked for me. But if there are any changes I’ll report back.

2 thoughts on “In Use: My November Rosehip

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