The V&A Floral Decoration Notebook

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As I mentioned before Christmas I bought a V&A Design For Silk notebook from Waterstones:

Small Soft Notebook

100 Lined, Hand Sewn FSC Pages


The main attraction of this notebook is the feel of it, soft and silky. The cover itself is very flexible and can bend right round. Again like a Rosehip, is the right size for placing in your bag.

The design, the second attraction is called Floral Decoration and is a textile design by JD Cornuaud, Britain 1800-1900.

As for writing in the notebook. Well I’ve been using this notebook as a career log – but more on that later. I used 2 main pens in this notebook – a basic blue ink fountain pen and a black black point. Both work very neatly, the paper is smooth to write on, and is reasonably thick as the impression doesn’t go through to the other side.

Downsides? Well there is not much wrong with them other than the flexibility of the cover means that the front cover folds up after use, the cover also stains a bit. but relatively minor points.


4 thoughts on “The V&A Floral Decoration Notebook

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  3. i have always loved these particular notebooks, but cant find them anywhere anymore —- where can i get one?

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