Black Toast Trio of A6 Notebooks

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As I promised earlier I would write about Emma Bridgewater’s Trio of A6 notebooks which my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I also suggested them as part of my gift guide.

Priced at £14.50, these 3 notebooks come with a little sleeve that they slip into. A6 in size they are perfect for your bag. The 3 notebooks are for different purposes which (like all of the Black Toast range) are written on them: Shopping, things to do, & notes.

The inside is coloured purple, and each page is given a title (also in purple) and the lines are quite wide ruled (and also in purple) reenforcing the idea that the product is aimed at girls.

So what about the writing? Well the paper is thick, and so far has handled all the types of pens I typically use – given that these books are for “on-the-go” this is typically a gel pen or biro and nothing fancy. So what can I say, great looking notebooks that do exactly what they say on the tin!!

4 thoughts on “Black Toast Trio of A6 Notebooks

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  3. I absolutely LOVE EB’s stuff – only trouble is, its all almost too agonisingly gorgeous to use!
    ( I have a similar set of notebooks to the one above done by Laura Ashely, but they are smaller which for me makes them easier to loose unfortunately, which is a shame, becaus eI only came upon the set once in a sale and havent seen it since)

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