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At work we have failed to consider the use of an ecostapler, shocking because:

  • we pride ourselves in being “green”
  • of how expensive all the staples and staplers must be (our team alone goes through a box of staples a week, and before our latest purchases, a stapler a month, easy).
  • of the simplicity of it all.

Fair enough the eco staples (we do get the odd one passing through our office, I’m talking once a fortnight here) are annoying to get out so we can feed the pages through the scanner, but if you know the staple is to stay – it is very secure. Although such a small stapler may not seem suitable for office work (depending on your usage) there is no reason why individuals couldn’t have one. After all “If everyone in UK offices saved just one staple a day, we’d save 72 tonnes of metal a year”. (Shocking figure).

So what is not to like: green, cute, gadgety, and you never run out of staples. Come pay day and its on my shopping list: a bargain at £4.99.


6 thoughts on “Ecostapling

    • ha ha, indeed, this shall be part of my experiment of course, see how many pages I can staple. Def not as hardy as a reg stapler.
      On another note it has got me wondering, would I be looked down upon if I used such stapler for a cv/job app?

      • I don’t think it would make any difference if you used this stapler or a traditional one, as long as it does the job of holding your app together! 🙂

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