The EcoStapler Review

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Last week I toyed with the idea of using an ecostapler for personal use (as it is obviously not suitable for use at work). So I bought the EcoStapler over the weekend.

First off it is hard enough to get into the eco plastic packaging to get the stapler out (even after attacking it with the scissors). Once I got it opened I started stapling – 2/3 pages are easy to staple. It says in the information about the stapler that 3 is the maximum number of pages that can be stapled. 4 can be stapled just about – but it takes both hands and a lot of force and even then it only works sometimes and other times it ends up being a bit of a hacked up job.

I’ve got to wonder when realistically you’d only be stapling 3 pages – so I’d say you couldn’t rely on this stapler alone. But when it is 3 pages or less it does work well.

But the “staple” itself looks cute, different. It does hold the paper together, but cannot withstand a great deal of force and is easy to pull apart. and you couldn’t use to fold back on itself when looking at the second page (as you ca do with metal staples) as it would break away.

I believe that anyone who received a document from you which had been ecostapled would be likely to reinforce it with a metal staple if they were to work with it. defeating the main purpose of being eco. So I’m sorry to say, hold your horses, don’t go to run out and buy one of these metal staples do a better job and are here to stay.


4 thoughts on “The EcoStapler Review

  1. The problem with green gadgets is that if they’re only slightly useful you still need to have the original non green gadget. I think you really need to factor in the effect of producing the green gadget to what it helps when you consider its overall greeness.

    It’s a fair point about the page limit – I actually don’t think I’ve stapled something with three pages since high school and I rarely stapled anything in school.

    • Ah yes, I always had 2/3 page assignments for english at school – that was about it then. Some bundles that I get to staple these days would be bigger than the actual ecostapler, so I don’t think it’d be much use.

  2. The ecostapler does sound intriguing though. Maybe as demand for it grows it might be made bigger and therefore more usable?

    Forgive me if you’ve already mentioned this but what material are the ‘staples’ made out of?


    • hey sorry I wasn’t really clear about that. The stapler punches a hold and hooks itself round, to form a staple out of paper itself.

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