Daycraft: Chromatic Days 2010 Diary

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This is Daycraft’s Chromatic Days 2010 Diary. It has a lovely soft and flexible bright yellow cover. Although I will say it marks easy. The diary is A6 in size (106mm x 150mm) and very slimline. One of the most attractive things about the diary is of course the Chromatic edges:

The actual diary itself is week per page and the diary is 72 weeks starting on 31 August 2009 – it spans a long time and the diary is no thicker for it. Personally I think it is a great idea, unfortunately as I only got the diary this month I”ve not been able to take advantage of the longer time frame. But on a more positive note, I’ve been using it instead of my flora and fauna diary. Here is what it looks like on the inside….

Just look at the lovely colours 🙂 Makes my Day.

Daycraft notebooks and Diaries are not yet available in Europe / UK. But I got sent these diaries to review and help raise awareness of them as they are looking to find distributors in the over here.

I will now be doing the first giveaway next week, so come again…


6 thoughts on “Daycraft: Chromatic Days 2010 Diary

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  2. Hey notesinabook!
    I was wondering if you´re planning to give away the Chromatic Days Diary. 🙂 Are you?
    Can you tell me how you´re planning to give away the rest of the Day Craft notebooks too? 😀

    • Hi Justin , I’ve no plans to give away the chromatic days one unfortunately. The next giveaway will be the Doodling Prohibited one – which I hope to do over next few weeks. This will be the final giveaway.

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