Post Box: Helvetia Fr1.20 Dairyman’s Dog

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Definitive stamps: «Animals» 1993

Designed by Basle graphic artist Celestino Piatti and steel engraved by Max Müller, Bern.

“Fr.1 .20 Dogs can be fairly described as pets, farmyard animals or working animals, depending on the breed . While widely kept as a pet, ‘man’s best friend . also has an important role to play on the farm as a watchdog or shepherd’s and cowherd’s helper . Some breeds are still occasionally seen harnessed to carts carrying milk churns . Last but by no means least, dogs render invaluable services as search and rescue animals at avalanche and disaster sites, as guard dogs or as guide dogs for the blind. The best-known Swiss breeds are certainly the four types of Sennenhund (dairyman’s dog) — Bernese, Appenzell, Entlebuch and Big Swiss — and, of course, everybody’s favourite, the St Bernard.”

Daycraft: Cantoon Notebook

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Another cute Daycraft notebook: the cantoon notebook. This notebook is beautiful. Easy to write on with lovely paper. But I will admit it is  a slightly odd sized notebook – but I still love it. The paper is Satogami paper imported from Japan and it’s unique texture and colouring inherits it characteristics from Japanese handmade paper.

The rest of the facts:

  • 100 pages
  • 116g
  • Squared paper
  • 105mm x 180mm

Daycraft Giveaway #2: Animland 2010 Diary

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Another Giveaway from Daycraft.  I know its a bit late in the year to be considering a new diary. I made the change to Daycraft Chromatic Days diary and this cute diary is another that makes the change over worth it.

This diary is week to view and is A6 in size, very thin and perfect for slipping into a bag. It has lots of planners for the year at the front along with many types of information pages including:

  • international holidays
  • international dialling codes
  • word time
  • conversion tables
  • gift ideas
  • food calories

Other different cute features include stickers, monthly animal pages and perforated memos. See more photos on my flickr page.

Now for the giveaway.

Simply for variation on the last giveaway we’re going to make this a twitter one. The simple task is follow me @notesinabook (my blog specific twitter) or @travisthetrout (my personal twitter) and re-tweet this giveaway.


The deadline is Sunday 11th April and I will be announcing the winner on twitter on Monday.

Black n’ Red A7 Polynotes

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I was looking for a notebook that I could carry in my pocket at work. People have a habit of grabbing me at work while I’m walking around doing other things or simply getting a cup of tea, and asking me to do a bunch of things. Away from my desk, I’ve no notebook to note down quickly what they want done and I’m usually doing so many things at once, that if I simply try to memorise it, I usually have to go back later with a few questions.

Hence the need for a pocket notebook that I can carry around to make the appropriate notes and gather my thoughts. Surprisingly, as you write things down, you remember other questions that you need to ask to enable you to do that task – it reminds you of what is missing.

The notebook from Black n Red is a good sturdy little thing (A7 in size (105x74mm)) with a polypropylene cover which means it doesn’t stain, get marked or take a battering. It maintains it’s clean cut look and shape. Although as you bend it open and back pages do become a little loose. But not to worry there is a tight red elastic strap to keep it all together.

The pages are plain (90gsm) although I believe there is also a 8mm lined version. Inside there is a name page, and a conversions table the rest of the 192 pages are free for your scribbles.