Flip-Over Books: Things to do Today

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Things to do today flip-over notebook

buy at: WH Smith

I’ve been using one of these notebooks for work – to keep track of my to-dos and more recently for my home life. Personally I find it more useful for work as it allows me to know what I did when by using a page a day, what meetings I have and make notes on various things. Where as for general life to dos I find the disposable to-do list more effective.

The notebook is specifically designed for todos a quick fix for when we are lazy. But it’s actually designed pretty well. There are four columns on the to-do list: priority, list, phone and completed. On my personal one (pictured) I use if if I’ve a particular amount of things I need to do that day: I number the tasks in the priority column, the list is what I am doing, phone is replaced by a rough time and completed gets ticked when i complete the task.

In my work version the method is slightly different the priority is the person I am doing the task for, the list is the task, phone is the client code/ case no and completed is ticked when the task is complete.

The other other page is for appointments and notes. The appointments page I use to schedule meetings and Notes/Sketches I use for misc information such as address and phone numbers and overflow from the to-do list. I tend to use these more on my work notebook than my personal one.

There is also a “special attention”  box at the bottom of the to-do page. I put the things I want to first thing in here. For people who choose 5 things from a long to-do list or those who like the method of doing the thing they hate most etc this is a good box to use. It ultimately is something that can mould to fit anyone’s system.

Extra notes: The pages are perforated for easy removal. you can fold them up in your journal, pin them on that wall – whatever makes your day easier. Also there are 115 daily planners- which in my mind is an odd number. I frequently use all types of pens, fountain pens and highlighters without there being any show through.


7 thoughts on “Flip-Over Books: Things to do Today

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  2. Hi Theresa,

    Given that they are made by a UK company I don’t know if anyone in the US stocks them.

    But in addition to WHSmiths, the notebooks are also available online from:


    and Amazon

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