How to Keep Track of Job Applications

I always get asked how do you keep track of your job applications. There are several methods that I use:

  1. On Paper: The progress journal – which I have mentioned in passing to a few friends and regular readers. (Which is an updated version of this method)
  2. On the Computer: Superstars and inbox organisation
  3. On the Go: Iphone App – My Jobs: Job Search Organiser.

Today I am looking at this third option.

Image: My Job App

My Job App is an application available for the iphone/ipod touch. There is both a free version and a pro version for £1.19.

The start page is the dashboard shown in the screenshot above. It shows the summary of your jobs, broken up as follows:

  • active jobs – all the jobs you have entered will remain on this list until you close them.
  • closing jobs – if you have put in the deadline for the job. They will appear on this list when the deadline is approaching.
  • Jobs to follow up – Again you can put in a follow up date. For example if they say if you have not heard from us my X date, you have not been successful. Or if they suggest that you will hear back from them by a certain date you can stick it in here. I use two follow up dates – the date for hearing if I have an interview and one for hearing back about the interview.
  • Jobs with interviews – these will be the jobs you’ve been successful with for interview. You can insert the interview date, time and location

For each job you have the ability to keep a lot of information in the same place: The job name, the employer and any agent (although I use this for the employer if applying direct as you can add contact details). Then of course there are the key dates – the closing date, the follow up dates and the interview date and the start date for the job. There is room for you to enter your own notes about the job – this helps you remember the key points of the job, why you want to apply. Later you can use it to store info on interviewer etc. Another button is the progress one which allows you to select the status of the application. Options include: applied, filled internally, follow-up sent, interview, interview unsuccessful etc. I personally didn’t find this particularly helpful, other than applied – so I could remember which I had actually sent off the application for as I usually inputted jobs I was interested in, or was in the process of applying.

Another handy thing is that if you are unsuccessful you can close the job, but it keeps a list of not active jobs. It helps you know who you have applied for before and maintain a list of contacts etc for future reference. Particularly if you narrowly missed out – this information is good to have.

The rest of the lists: employers, agencies and agents, I’ve not found particularly useful – but if overlooked this because I do like the way the job section of the app works. Besides it complicates things.

When I want to keep track of job applications I need to know the following key things:

  1. The deadline for applying? Am I going to miss it?
  2. Have I applied? / How many open jobs do I have?
  3. When should I hear about an Interview? (follow up)
  4. When is the interview?
  5. Post Interview – When should I hear if I got the job? (follow up)
  6. Close the job / clear it off the list.

This app can do all of this.The app is good, but I prefer to integrate all 3 methods – my progress journal as I can tie my job hunt in with my goals (besides I love paper), the gmail method keeps track of the actual emails which send the job application and the actual responses from the Firm I apply for as most are done electronically and it is important that you maintain organisation in your inbox and finally the iphone app, is a handy little extra dedicated to this purpose. Everything in one place and you won’t forget any information that you *should* note down because it asks you. A simple way for those of us who don’t always keep on top of our organisation.


4 thoughts on “How to Keep Track of Job Applications

  1. My Dear TT,

    An extremely useful post for those of us dealing with multiple applications ( I wish!!); I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again -your organisational skills are dazzling, skills I wish I possessed even a tenth of!
    It is sufficient to say that, based on the present mess on my desk you will, as a solicitor, refuse to instruct me!!

  2. Dearest Minxy,

    I’m sure you’ve got more than a tenth! Besides I don’t mind mess/chaos I can’t see my desk (currently two) or fit my feet under the desk for boxes – it is organised chaos.

    So as long as you know where everything is I would be happy to instruct. Or at least let me help you with a filing cabinet.


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