Memory Books

A beautiful journal that I saw in Paper Source was Chronicle Book’s one line a day memory book which allows a sentence a day for 5 years and be started at any time. For UK readers check out Oh So Cherished. It is a beautiful blue colour, gold writing, gold edged paper yet small enough to fit in your bag. 5 Years, perfectly compact. My partner questioned why I would ever need one of these books (“you’ve got twitter”) and disapproved of such a purchase.

A similar purchase it the One Sketch a day for all you budding artists and creative types – Half a page for each day. Another temptation as I do wish to try and be more creative. In some ways I considered it a better option than the one line a day version because I write so much down anyway, but never draw post A-Level Art. But on reflection I knew I wouldn’t keep up the momentum, or have the inspiration to draw something everyday no matter how much I wanted to? Why? because my artistic skills never ventured outside of flowers, and still life.

Similarly another fantastic memory book is the Life Book – which covers 100 years. I first saw this in the gift section at Bloomsbury & Co a chunky book at nearly £30, but as an investment for a life time. After all you can’t beat the permanence of a well made book. There is a certain beauty and personalisation to it. Not to mention the feel of the paper.


3 thoughts on “Memory Books

  1. Life Book would make an amazing present…

    Like the idea of one sentence a day… but how to summarise a day in a sentence?

    • I asked my boyfriend if he’d buy me a life book as a present for my birthday earlier this year – he said no as i’ve too many notebooks. Which probably was a wise move tbh. But maybe one day.

      It gives space for a couple of lines, I would write something that inspired you or you wanted to remember. Even an achievement.

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