Knock Knock: 5 Days A Week

I totally love Knock Knock Products: plus I love their tagline: We put the fun in functional


When I was in the US I said I had to get at least one Knock Knock Product. I ended up getting the  5 days a week paper mousepad – which is basically – another to-do list!

However, what is great about it is:

  1. it takes up no extra room on my already cluttered desk!
  2. I always know where it is, unlike my legal pad for to do scribbles or my to-do list notebook. (Not to say that the to-do list notebook isn’t great for the more detailed stuff, but lately everything I’ve been working on is all one big project and it isn’t so much about remembering everything that needs to be done and who for, but the focus of my to do list is more about allocating a time to do it and keeping an overview perspective – for which this weekly planner is great)
  3. I can view and plan my week.
  4. It is easy to jot things down if people drop by with requests unexpectedly
  5. it includes 60 sheets (more than a years worth); and
  6. it brightens up the desk.

Obviously for me the attraction of this product is its simple organisation of my working life – but there are other paper mousepads which may suit your needs more – for example the surf notations one would work well for me at home.

3 thoughts on “Knock Knock: 5 Days A Week

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