How to: Keep a Goal Journal: the notebook

Time for another “uses for notebooks” posting. I talked before about How to keep a Career Log. A Career log has been of more use when job-hunting, and when you move jobs frequently. It captures the highlights!!

But what if you want to track you goals / career progression in a current job or company?

This is where a goal journal is much more handy.

Why Keep a Goals Journal? (and not a Career log)

  • If you don’t want to be doing the same thing day in and day out but actually want to make a difference to your job this is the journal you need.
  • If you want a bit more structure to your “long-term goals” and actually want to put them to paper.
  • If you don’t quite need a progress journal (written daily/job hunting) but need more than a career log (reviewed monthly/yearly/job changes).

What Sort of Notebook Should You Use?

I use one of my Cath Kidston notebooks. In my mind there are only 2 requirements.

  • It should be small. The CK notebooks are A6. Small enough (and slim enough) to slide into your bag, so the notebook is handy for when you get inspiration.
  • It should be pretty/attractive/good quality paper. The key here is to make you want to use it. All too often when it comes to personal goals we procrastinate and put things off. I try to get round this my tempting myself to actually want to use the notebook. (Even have a special pen if you favour pens over notebooks).

How to get started?

Interested? Well first, chose your notebook. Go on, run along.

…and then join me next time to review the content – and learn how to actually use the notebook to your advantage.

7 thoughts on “How to: Keep a Goal Journal: the notebook

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  6. … What happens if the notebook is far too nice to use?!?! I have this problem ALL the time – my handwriting is TERRIBLE, I am overly fond of tippex, frequently spill coffee/tea/soft drinks, my notes in general become dog eared and overly thumbed through frequent use and look absolutely AWFUL – such that I cant bring myself to use my best ones!!!

  7. But that is the purpose of a notebook – it would be sad if it didn’t get used. I love a well-worn well used notebook.

    But I will say it takes a bit of confidence to get started. But once you get started you will have no problem using it. and once you have done this with a few notebooks you will have no problem about cracking open a nice one. My problem is finishing one notebook before I start the next one.

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