Sapiens Notebook

Sapiens Notebook is the series on notebooks with leather cover inspired by renaissance ones, used by Leonardo, Raffaello and Galileo.

This tidy compact notebook is made in Italy. The image of the Vitruvian Man etched on the cover and a wonderful real leather smell, makes it very attractive.

With a tough exterior and a tight wrap-a-round fasten, it keeps together nicely in your bag and is well protected. The downside, the notebook doesn’t lie flat and it can be a bit of a battle, but I am hoping this will ease with use. The pages are plain and thick (I”m not sure of the actual quality but they do not bleed) as there is even a toughened feel to the paper.

But all in all a stylish, sleek book that you won’t be embarrassed to be carrying around and in many ways I”m sure for some people a competitor to Moleskine: not as thin, but just as small, well protected, good paper and nice for a change.

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