How to Keep a goals Journal #4: The Daily & Weekly Goals

It is a well-known concept that if you want to build up a habit do it over a period of 30 days. I use a daily goals table at the beginning of each week to keep track of things I want to do everyday (mainly habits I am trying to develop).

The key is keep it simple: I just sketch out a rough grid putting days at the top, goals at the side and tick them off.

On the following pages I then set out my objectives for the week. 3 or 4 things that will help me on my way. For example:

Goal: To make more friends at work
Weekly objectives:

  1. Lunch – eat lunch with different people as often as possible.
  2. chat with everyoneattempt to learn one new thing about everyone (and remember it)
  3. attend / organise a social
  4. join an internal club/group/organisation

You should try to plan you week. Take half an hour at the beginning of the week to think about what you want/can achieve. It is not a to-do list you don’t need to get everything done. If you don’t get it done try again the next week – it is more about making progress towards your ultimate goals – how fast you get there is up to you these objectives are just to guide you.

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