Mini Notebook Sets

The week, I’ve been seeing collections of mini notebooks: 4 notebooks 2 lined 2 plain. (Perfect stocking fillers!!).

Image: Marmite Shop

The colourful Marmite ones have been a personal favourite. Each book measures 6.5cm x 10.8cm and cost £6.95 for the pack of 4. They are also available from Bloomsbury & Co .

My Second Favourite set have been the penguin books. Exactly the same set up (made by the same person?) 4 notebooks 2 lined 2 plain, same size and same price. Unfortunately I can’t find these online (yet). But they are available at John Lewis (will have to sneak back and take my own photo).

But the notebooks are simply mini versions of the a6 version. When browsing came across an old excellent eye-candy post of all things penguin from the Terrier and Lobster.


Blue Stitching

Despite my love for notebooks, I’ve not journalled/kept a personal diary in 3 years. I had kept one almost religiously before (I’ve boxes of journals) until a somewhat traumatic event put me off and I hurt too much to put what I felt and did onto paper (and into words).

This week, I have taken the plunge and began writing a journal again. A sort of personal achievement for me.

My previous journal collection all came from Paperchase A5 notebook collection like those stacked in the picture below:

But my new one is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time and is part of their hand-stitched collection:

As a Cat Lover this journal was too nice to resist. For some bizarre reason this pretty notebook was a pull towards writing a journal again. Too many people worry that buying pretty notebooks put you off using them / writing on the front page, but it goes to show that a certain type of notebook when just browsing a shop can draw you to actually write and inspire you again.

It is such a great feeling.

Santoro: Gorjuss Notebook

Today I am having a look at a pretty notebook designed by Scottish Company –  Gorjuss. Their stationary products such as Notebooks are available to buy at  the Santoro London online store.

Above is one of many designs that the A5 Stitched-Spine notebooks come in. I chose to buy this one because I love cats. It is a very slim notebook (60 pages of 80 gsm paper) with lines and plain pages (with the “Gorjuss Girl” on each page).

Inside Cover


A6 Fabulously British Recycled Notebook

My latest small A6 notebook for slipping into my Bag for the Month of October is from the art file and is part of their “Fabulously British” collection.

It is a thin notebook, the pages are lined and have a faint motif, echoing the front cover. It is very similar to a Rosehip notebook (which have plain (and thinner) paper). Again the notebook itself is simple – it is the design that is the attraction. It is reasonably priced so you don’t feel bad using it for any old scribbles, and it is so light, you won’t notice that you have it on you.

The above picture does not do the design justice (still need to upgrade my camera) so here is another attempt: