Santoro: Gorjuss Notebook

Today I am having a look at a pretty notebook designed by Scottish Company –  Gorjuss. Their stationary products such as Notebooks are available to buy at  the Santoro London online store.

Above is one of many designs that the A5 Stitched-Spine notebooks come in. I chose to buy this one because I love cats. It is a very slim notebook (60 pages of 80 gsm paper) with lines and plain pages (with the “Gorjuss Girl” on each page).

Inside Cover


3 thoughts on “Santoro: Gorjuss Notebook

  1. ooo, Ive got exactly the same one!
    However while it is rather pretty to look at, and the paper feels nice under the hand and pen, I must say I am a fan of ‘ fat’ notebooks such as those trotted out by Emma Bridgewater; I have several, but the’hearts’ range is particularly close to, well, my heart because it contains a mix of lined and plain pages; the plain pages are great for spidergrams and other doodlings and the lined ones are just feel nice when writing on them.
    ( ooo nooo! I am organising myself!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!)

  2. Minxy, glad you have been dropping by.

    I love EB everything generally (not just notebooks). Mixed paper ones are def the best. I Love a good solid notebook, but I keep a collection of exercise books to keep in my bag. light and bendy.

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