Blue Stitching

Despite my love for notebooks, I’ve not journalled/kept a personal diary in 3 years. I had kept one almost religiously before (I’ve boxes of journals) until a somewhat traumatic event put me off and I hurt too much to put what I felt and did onto paper (and into words).

This week, I have taken the plunge and began writing a journal again. A sort of personal achievement for me.

My previous journal collection all came from Paperchase A5 notebook collection like those stacked in the picture below:

But my new one is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time and is part of their hand-stitched collection:

As a Cat Lover this journal was too nice to resist. For some bizarre reason this pretty notebook was a pull towards writing a journal again. Too many people worry that buying pretty notebooks put you off using them / writing on the front page, but it goes to show that a certain type of notebook when just browsing a shop can draw you to actually write and inspire you again.

It is such a great feeling.

4 thoughts on “Blue Stitching

  1. I have fallen out of the habit of keeping a Journal but I do scrapbook tickets, ephemera etc. Perhaps if I had a notebook as lovely as this though I would be tempted to keep up a daily diary.

    • I used to keep a “scrapbook” journal when I was younger. It was a “diary” but with the bits and bobs from that day, with maybe just a descriptive line. Unfortunately, the busy law firm life doesn’t present as many opportunities.

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