Mini Notebook Sets

The week, I’ve been seeing collections of mini notebooks: 4 notebooks 2 lined 2 plain. (Perfect stocking fillers!!).

Image: Marmite Shop

The colourful Marmite ones have been a personal favourite. Each book measures 6.5cm x 10.8cm and cost £6.95 for the pack of 4. They are also available from Bloomsbury & Co .

My Second Favourite set have been the penguin books. Exactly the same set up (made by the same person?) 4 notebooks 2 lined 2 plain, same size and same price. Unfortunately I can’t find these online (yet). But they are available at John Lewis (will have to sneak back and take my own photo).

But the notebooks are simply mini versions of the a6 version. When browsing came across an old excellent eye-candy post of all things penguin from the Terrier and Lobster.



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