Countdown to 2011

It is this time of year again. Time to decide what calendar, diaries and planners I am going to use in the upcoming year. Once again I’ve decided to scrap what I’ve used in previous years

Despite trying a range of diaries this year for various purposes, the one that served me the best was my Daycraft diary: Slim line, pocket-sized, flexible, wear resistant and both monthly planner and weekly view. Excellent.

Qualities I’ll want this time round. Time to start looking…




2 thoughts on “Countdown to 2011

  1. I just posted yesterday a compilation of my reviews of several different 2011 diaries/ planners to help people who are looking for their 2011 planner. It’s by no means comprehensive, but may give you some ideas. Check out the “Looking for a 2011 planner? post on Plannerisms if you’re interested.

    If you want to order another Daycraft diary you can get them from the Vera Chan website ( She’ll give you 20% off your entire order if you put the code “plannerisms” in at checkout.

    And no matter what, please do tell us what you decide on for 2011! I’m always looking for planner ideas. 🙂

  2. Hey Laurie,

    Yea I read your post earlier. Great post. 🙂 I enjoyed it. I am going to do the same as last year and look at a range of options before making a final decision.

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