Countdown to 2011 #1: The Desk Diary – Paperchase

I’m usually faithful to my Letts A4 Desk Diary but when I was in town shopping this week – this diary from paperchase caught my eye as a potential replacement.

Image Credit: Paperchase

It is lighter than it looks, and has an even feel. It is eye-catching and pretty and described on their website as:

A4 circle stripe 2011 diary with linen cover, silver gilded page edges, ribbon marker and FSC paper. Contains personal information page, calendar, planners, UK holidays, important dates, world times, conversion factors and international dialling codes.

Down sides? Lines are a not as narrow as I like  and I think (but I can’t remember to say with absolute certainty but the Sat/Sun were on one page instead of having a page each (which is more useful for some people than others).

But why change a good thing? It is clear – the only reason I would choose it over the Letts is it is prettier (i.e. more colourful) and is cheaper at £15. This is not to say Letts diaries are not fantastic quality and beautiful – just with more conservative colours. Not to mention they’ve also got the recycled option. So there is still a decision to be made.

4 thoughts on “Countdown to 2011 #1: The Desk Diary – Paperchase

  1. I must admit to being quite fussy when it comes to my diary; for me, moleskeine is perhaps the best when it comes to the writing quality of the paper which even tolerates my feeble scribbles with a fountain pen ( being left handed I am inclined either to leave lots of smudges, or rip the paper with the nib!); I am also rather fond of the enormous pocket at the back in which i can stuff all sorts of things that would otherwise plague my bag ( which is already tardis sized!). The only drag is the absence of an attractive cover. * sigh* – it may be that I might have to spend lots of my gifted xmas wonga on finding the right sort of addition to my organisational plans ( which, dear friend,as you arlready know, border on the farcical)!

  2. I’ve noticed your putative and lovely new diary comes from paperchase – *bawls head off* waaaaaah!!!! The ONLY paperchase in my neck of the woods was forced to close because it was attatched to Borders Books!!!!!! I will have to travel MILES to indulge my pen fetish!!!!!!

  3. Thats a shame. Our “Borders” Paperchase opened a new shop next door to where the borders was. We also have one in the house of fraser and in waterstones. (not to brag) but I’m sure It’ll pop up somewhere minxy.

    Not to forget the wonders of the internet. 🙂

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