Countdown to 2011 #3: Daycraft Vogue Diary

I have been sent another bundle of Daycraft Notebooks and Diaries  from their 2011 collection.

First up, featured as part of my countdown series is the Vogue Diary.

The Vogue Diary 2010 was reviewed by fellow blogger, Journalling Arts back earlier in the year – but now is your chance to see the 2011 one.

The main difference is the complete change in the cover: which now has a quilted effect:

But inside it is the same. Page a day  (half page on the weekend)- with time stamps (two lines per hour to allow you to schedule your day) with “notes” section at the bottom of the page.

Monthly Forward Planners and Monthly Overview pages are also included. So there is plenty of room for all your planning.

A great set of information pages at the front of the diary. As well as the usual International holidays and conversion rates, there is a more in depth international guide and nutritional and health information.

Verdict: this is going to be my a5 diary this coming year.



2 thoughts on “Countdown to 2011 #3: Daycraft Vogue Diary

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