Moleskine: Weekly View vs Page-a-Day

I decided to have another look at a post a wrote back in 2009 on my personal blog and share it here. My 2009 diary was a Moleskine, week view, cute red diary – with a blank page for my to-do list. Brilliant for keeping me organised during my student days.

The left hand side, has the dates, and I use this to record my classes – this seemed the simplest type to get as one this course I’d only have a max. of 2 separate classes a day (no need for a full day view).

The right hand side contains the to-do list for each subject and my printing list etc. This page is simply a lined page which is perfect for this. Different types of the diary have different page set ups.

I am currently using the colour-a-month planner (surprise, surprise).

But as beautiful as it is I feel that I may have made the wrong choice this year – as I simply do not need a page-a-day. For work, all my to-dos and meetings are dealt with electronically (outlook and case management system do it all for you) – and I work so much I rarely do anything that requires a full-page in my personal diary. However, I do enjoy the monthly planners at the front which the weekly view lacked as well as the slimline feel.

It may be that I am still just getting used to it and I will probably reconsider many times over as the year progresses.


3 thoughts on “Moleskine: Weekly View vs Page-a-Day

  1. Travis, all the Moleskine planners/ diaries this year have the monthly calendars with the days as squares, which I love (as opposed to previous years where the month planners had the months as columns and a line for each day). The good news is, if you decide to switch to the week + notes format, you only have to wait until the end of June! The 18 month weekly notebooks begin end June/ beginning of July. 🙂

    I’m constantly going back and forth between the convenience of a week overview vs. more writing space each day with the daily pages. What worked for me in the past doesn’t necessarily work in my current situation. Best of luck deciding which works best for you right now!

    • Hi Laurie,

      I go back and forth depending on my mood myself. But I’ve generally found I use my planners a lot less now I’m not commuting anymore and spend most of my time at work. The day-a-page just feels so empty.

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