Radley A6 Notebook

I never buy a notebook for the “name” but the notebook range from Radley (pictured) is an exception to the rule. I will skip the part where I blab about my love for Radley products (luxury bags with the cute little dog) and move straight onto the notebooks. Usually when a company/brand (other than a specific notebook brand of course) release a notebook it is a sub-standard notebook with their logo. The Radley notebook is different. It has a proper notebook feel from cover to cover… not only that, it keeps in line with their “Radley” look through out.

So we will take a closer look at Radley’s A6 freehand floral notebook:

The cover is green, with a floral pattern with a sort of linen / textile feel to it – giving it an instant feeling of higher quality. Inside the notebook the fact that it is a Radley notebook becomes apparent the lines are dashed (in the same way that the bags are hand-stitched and each page has a little Radley (Scottie) dog at the bottom.

Very cute.


One of the cutest things about this notebook is the thin lines (won’t suit those of you with big handwriting), but I simply love it. In the photo is a standard biro pen so give a rough idea of how the lines are – but simply put think very narrow ruled. The paper is reasonably thick – couldn’t find a half decent pen (or fountain pen) to try out some pen samples on it, so that may follow if I get round to it (really should start unpacking some boxes now that I am all moved into my new home).


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