Pukka Pads: City Range

Pukka Pads – we all know and love the fantastic range of notebooks brought to us by Pukka Pads. As students my classmates and I used them for EVERYTHING (or at least the cheap own-brand knockoffs).

Recently I had heard talk of the new business range from Pukka Pads – so I decided to check it out. Honestly, I was disappointed.

The new range is called the “City Range“:

perfect for businesses and executives seeking design, style and sophistication in quality-writing pads.

Why was I disappointed? Yes they are sleek and sophisticated. Yes, the are great quality products (like all pukka pad products)…. but they are boringly black.

Source: Pukka Pads

Yes I am a professional, but you can have a professional notebook without being black. There is a slight design on the Casebound Notebooks (pictured) which does liven up the notebooks slightly but it still feels very black. If I want black “Black n Red” offer a more tempting range in my opinion.

What I love about Pukka Pads is their quirkiness. Their everyday ranges are great for that and a sound reason for people to choose them. I understand that professionals are unlikely to pick a notebook from their Everyday Range to use in the office (my workplace included) but professional notebooks do not have to be boring. If anyone was going to do a professional notebook with a twist I was sure it would be Pukka Pads. Unfortunately it was not.

City Range: Sleek and Sophisticated, but is not going to be admired in the office, will simply “blend in” and personally I love notebooks as a talking point.

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