Inspiration…or the lack of

Lately I have been too busy to really dedicate some time to writing. I need to be inspired, relaxed and “in the mood” these days to put a pen to paper.

Putting a pen to paper (or even typing) requires effort at the moment – I no longer have my commute to fit in some writing. Even if I wasn’t writing during my commute I would be reading, doodling, people watching: experiencing something outside of work. This inspired me, allowed me to daydream and allowed for ideas to form.

Where do your ideas come from? Do particular things inspire you? Do you set aside time?

Some friends simply play around with google, others favour youtube or wikipedia. Personally, I get a lot of inspiration from twitter, bouncing ideas off fellow bloggers and having a good old gossip at work. But most of all – my daydreams – my thoughts running wild.

As any regular reader will know I like having a notebook dedicated to such random daydreams and doodles. Lately I have not have time to do such things, and I will have to get back into it: after all – this is the main purpose of my monthly notebooks.

This month: a paperchase passport notebook has been perfect for some quick scribbles…

3 thoughts on “Inspiration…or the lack of

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  3. Most of the time my ideas come randomly…Normally when I’m daydreaming or sitting for long car rides. I need to set aside time but when I actually get to it I’m usually at a blank. lol Otherwise I refer to my artbooks/comics/Internet for inspiration. Yes, there are things that inspire me such as historical culture and ethnic groups.

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