Black n Red – Keynotes

This one has been sitting on the review pile for a while. Keynotes is one of Oxford’s latest additions to their Black n’ Red range. Keynotes is not really a good notebook (although it has the capability of functioning as a repositional notebook should you wish to use it in this way). Its key function is as inserts for your existing Black n’ Red wirebound notebooks.

The pages are repositional/detachable (as seen in the picture below):

The pages come off and can be slotted in again (to the keynotes notebook or a black n’ red wirebound notebook of the same size – unfortunately they are not universal since the size and spacing varies for each wirebound notebook).

The edge of the pages are re-enforced and this seems to work when inserting a page into a notebook. The pages stand out well in an existing notebook, perfect for noting important information and/or lists etc which you need to find easily. If you are a student they also make a good summary page (equivalent of the index card) for revision purposes.

They are available as both a notebook (above) and loose insert pages. If you are a fan of using Black n’ Red notebooks – this should be added to your collection – very useful and boost organisation. However, if you don’t like or use Black n’ Red,  walk on by.

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