Iphone App Development… there is a notebook for that

Recently I have been toying with the idea of trying to learn how to build an iphone app. Coding aside one of the things that you need to consider is the User Interface. I started with a large notebook and some quick sketching – this works well. Very well for getting a few rough ideas out of my head and onto paper. However, when it comes to presenting this information as part of a business plan it looks messy.

There are plenty of electronic solutions for this, but I was of course intrigued about what I could find that was paper-based. I could remember the novelty iphone/ipad notebooks that were released, but I was looking for something more aimed at the designer, rather than simply for the novelty factor.

Examples I found include the Iphone App Sketchbook, iphone Sketch Pad, and Pocket Sketches (and for all you Moleskine fans check out the iphone template available at moleskine.com). All very nice looking notebooks and the first 2 are professional looking, with the pocket sketches option more for jotting down ideas. Think I will stick to the doodling for now, but may look into something a bit more professional when I come to presenting the business plan.

Open to suggestions….

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