The Day Book 2012


My grandparents bought me this lovely day book for Christmas. The book is filled with beautiful pictures of floral arrangements (not seasonal as my mother very kindly pointed out) but beautiful nonetheless.

The book is rather on the large size (just a bit bigger than A4) so it is not exactly compact. But it has a great “desk diary” feel to it, and definitely a keepsake.


As shown in the picture below there is only a couple of lines for each date. So for me there is no function as a diary (can’t cram it all in). But it has potential as a birthday book, or one line a day memento book.


First day of the year… better make up my mind quick – suggestions welcome 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Day Book 2012

  1. That looks lovely! I would say a one line memento book of the year would be a good choice. I am going to do that with a Moleskine I have spare and hope it will act as a record of my year! Good luck with whatever you decide.

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