Everything is going to be alright

Meet my latest monthly notebook. Regular readers will know that i like to carry around a small notebook in my bag (usually A6 in size) for jotting down random thoughts, usually for blog posts.

It’s a cute little notebook that I picked up in the airport on my way back from holiday with a bunny like picture. A6 in size. 200 odd lined pages.


But to be honest, I wasn’t interested in the somewhat plain marshmallowy yet cute cover, for me, this time, it was what was inside that caught my eye (and the bargain price of £2). Inside there is smooth blue-lined paper. The biro pen I usually write with on the move leaves smooth impressions on the page, and adds a certain flow to the handwriting. Blissful. Writing in this notebooks is actually relaxing rather than a chore. So shouldn’t take me too long to fill it all up.


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