Tid-bits from my Blog

I’ve been debating the future of my other blog this week. With a lack of posting and another change in job I wasn’t so sure whether I wanted to continue. I decided to have a browse of some of my older posts and discovered just how many notebook postings I did prior to starting this blog (which is of course what prompted me to start this separate blog). This has now reinspired me.

I decided to share some of my older posts from my other blog here as regular notebook lovers would have missed these:

Moleskine diary (to do list)
How to: survive the rush hour crunch (study notebook)
Improve your writing
Keeping Track (page a day diary)
Sorting out my Notebooks (notebook eye candy)
Design your own Textbook
My Study Project
Puss in Boots Notebook

On another note I am debating whether to make the a to z challenge a double whammy and enter both blogs.

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