D is for… Diary #atozchallenge

If you read my personal blog you may have heard it has been all change on the job front lately. That meant: new diary. Awkward time to start a new diary (and 2012 diaries despite being in the sales aren’t that cheap). You can get diaries made to start anytime for various durations. Custom made diaries, while a nice idea and look good, not necessarily the best idea for everyone and have a price tag attached.

I use a Filofax for the planning my year element of my life – what I am doing when. My diary I use for working out what I am doing in the day, keeping key information, it is sort of like a to do list really.

For example:
I need to call xyz. In the diary I will write the number to call any reference I require and then it is there ready to go when I have time to do it or when they are open. Additionally if I do not get through or have to call back I have the information handy, if they give me more information I can write it down there and then to refer back to later.

I like having the space and freedom to write, so I have just started a new diary in an a4 sized case bound notebook. A printable calendar stuck in the front cover and I just write the dates on the pages as I go through each day. simple. This diary is concerned about the now and the retention and availability of information, not future events.

Do you have multiple diaries with multiple uses? Share in the comments.


2 thoughts on “D is for… Diary #atozchallenge

  1. I use several different diaries at the same time, for different uses.

    I use a weekly planner for all planning ahead. I plan best when I can see my entire week at once.

    I have a pocket size day per page diary where I write today’s plan, and record anything that happened today (like phone calls, etc.).

    I recently added a large day per page diary to record work-only things, notes etc.

    I have a large Moleskine daily diary I’ve been trying to get myself to use as a journal, which I’ve done in years past but have seriously fallen out of the habit. I think I may use it as my diary + journal so it’s with me all the time and I’m more likely to write in it. When I leave journal writing to the end of the day, when I’m tired, it doesn’t happen. I usually feel like writing when I’m out and about and not distracted by the computer or undone laundry.

    Thanks for the link to the Toad diaries, I had never seen those before and they look great! I must investigate. 😉

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