E is for…. Exercise Book #atozchallenge

An exercise book or jotter is the ultimate cheap, cheerful but potentially very durable notebook. Commonly used in the classroom they have a hint of learning and ultimately my schooldays when we used to jazz then up with colourful paper and felt tip pens.

Below are a few examples of the modern day exercise book:


The Quaderno Italiano was one of my favourite notebooks ever. I bought it in Waterstones I believe, unfortunately they replaced their notebook section with paperchase and paperchase don’t stock it. But I am keeping my eye out for them.

The second notebook with all the scribbles is actually from paperchase, as I mentioned before exercise books reminder me of my school days, this one really does.

The third and final exercise notebook pictured is to show that exercise books can be pretty as well as cheap. A fashionably styled design.

Why are exercise books so great?

With a cost if £1 – £4 max I never feel back about using them properly as they should be used. For writing down anything and everything. They are slimline and can usually fold and I have no problem carrying them around and filling them up with my writing.

Add more to the pile!! My monthly notebook page (not greatly updated at the moment) lists similar notebooks that can be easily filled in a months worth of writing.

3 thoughts on “E is for…. Exercise Book #atozchallenge

  1. I love little notebooks like that, but I always lose them. Or, I think, this is too pretty to write just little things in, or make mistakes in, and then they sit and gather dust. ^_^

    Your blog’s design is really cool, by the way.

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