I is for… Ink #atozchallenge

I have never been one to indulge in a passion for ink like many of my fellow “pen and paper” bloggers. Many write regular ink posts awash with wonderful, delicate colours.

While I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the delicate, inks and the paired writing instrument I lack the passion and desire to get ‘inky’. I frequently write notebook posts with only a passing mention to any bleeding when using inky pens. I sit at my desk with my trusty biro, and one lone fountain pen to my name.

So the question I put to you today is – is it time to get more inkthusiastic or can you only be passionate about one of the other?


3 thoughts on “I is for… Ink #atozchallenge

  1. I like ink and notebooks, so you can be passionate about both 🙂 I don’t talk about ink much on my blog though because lots of bloggers already do a much better job. I’m happier to talk about notebooks and pens and leave the inks to others.

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