K is for… Killer Apps #atozchallenge

Fellow readers – we clearly all love our notebooks, the feel of a pen, the texture of paper under the nib, but whether you are a fellow blogger or simply a reader we have one further thing in common – a love for the Internet (otherwise you wouldn’t be here). Today I thought I would take this post “online”.

Consider for a moment: online notebooks. There are plenty out there one note and circus ponies to name a couple of software favourites, but today I want to consider the apps.

I frequently blog using a pen and one of my monthly notebooks, before migrating to either my iPad or laptop. I feel very much like I am still a n00b when it comes to the iPad app collection, i still prefer the feel of pen and paper and so have only collected the most basic of iPad apps. E.g. WordPress

So the questions I put to you today dear readers are:
– which killer apps do you use?
– Should I be using them or stick to the paper?

2 thoughts on “K is for… Killer Apps #atozchallenge

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