M is for…. Monthly Notebooks #atozchallenge

Some regular readers may have noticed my “monthly notebook” collection. This post is to explain more about my monthly notebooks, why I use them and how they could be a great idea for you.

What is a monthly notebook?

Well let me introduce the notebook I have lined up for May:


This is one of the mini-notebooks from paperchase’s latest collection called the tearaways grid mini notebook and costs only £1.50 for a simple but cute A6 notebook .


It has a smooth plastic coated finish, neatly stitched together and contains good quality plain paper. Cheap. Durable. Easy to write in.

So why use a notebook like this at all?

The concept behind the monthly notebooks was that I wanted a notebook that I could (a) carry around everywhere which is why is it small and thin, and (b) I wasn’t afraid to use which is why I dedicate it a monthly notebook. So that I aim to fill it up within a month, but trying to do this I get all my ideas onto paper for future use which is much more productive and useable. No matter how silly the information goes in there and I weed through it at the end of the month extracting what I want to keep. The notebook then goes onto my shelf so I can look at it again at a later date when I want inspiration. Which leads me to (c) Inspiration.

Why should you being using a notebook like this?

You should always carry a notebook around with you if you are a creative individual. Whether it is for writing down ideas, sketching, notes, etc. some people use their iPhones for this, but I find a monthly notebook much easier and more manageable. And I can file and sort at the end.

The small cheap notebooks make it easy to carry around. The fact that is cheap means you don’t mind using it but doesn’t mean you can’t pick out a nice notebook that you still want to use. Using the notebook is the first step. Once you get into a routine you will be surprised how often the thoughts come.

After all, why do you think people always say you should keep pen and paper by your bed – because inspiration comes when you don’t expect it and when you are not thinking about it… but you need to write it down quickly before you forget.

4 thoughts on “M is for…. Monthly Notebooks #atozchallenge

  1. I love this idea! I used to journal and write in diaries, and even though I stopped, people kept buying me the journals. I just began to use them again for story ideas and taking notes on writing. I like the idea of a lightweight one like yours (plus it’s cute, gotta love Paperchase!)

    found your blog from the A to Z challenge!

  2. Yeah the majority of them are cute dinky paperchase notebooks. Besides once people realise you are a notebook addict, you are one for life 🙂

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