R is for…. Rescued Paper #atozchallenge

I bought this notebook in paperchase last week.


The notebook is made from discarded paper such as packaging, envelopes, posters etc. mine appears to be old calendar and paper with advertisement banners. I imagine every notebook is slightly different.

The pages are basically the back of discarded paper so you will see a faded image on the page


The pages are secured in such a way that you don’t see the front of the paper, but you can tear this so both sides of paper is revealed like so:


So more pages to use if you don’t mind using scrap paper.

The oddest thing about this notebook is that although it is made from discarded paper I don’t want to use it in case I ruin it. It also makes me think more about making my own notebooks… they make it look so easy.


One thought on “R is for…. Rescued Paper #atozchallenge

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