T is for… Tea #atozchallenge

Tea. My lifeline during the day. I am somehow back up to maybe 10 plus cups a day. The new job requires a lot of research and reading and less running around than my previous job so I can (a) actually drink my tea before it goes cold (b) use making tea as an excuse to stretch my legs and (c) I am no longer in a tea run do don’t have to make multiple cups every time I was a cuppa. perfect.

Anyone who also follows my personal account on twitter may know that last year I gave up buying coffee. specifically buying Starbucks coffee. Starbucks is less than a five minute walk from the new office – the temptation to go for a quick coffee is intense. So far I have resisted, but another downside of this is that when I get a craving for coffee I drink tea. Can’t win.

Tea: inspires the creative and keeps you running. Coffee: expensive but gives you a proper buzz.

Which one do you choose?


One thought on “T is for… Tea #atozchallenge

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